Ogün Öztürk was called to go to a small remote village in Turkey to help a client’s sick cow. The veterinarian was not planning to stay long since he had other commitments, but his visit to that town became a memorable one because of a devoted dog owner.

Ogün was wrapping up for the job he was tasked to do when something in the distance caught his attention. A little girl was treading the path thick with freezing snow while carrying a dog on her back.

It turns out that word about a vet being in town reached an 8-year-old little girl, Cemre Su Türköz. Cemre refused to pass the opportunity to have her dog, Pamuk, examined, so she carried Pamuk onto her back and walked over a mile from her house to the place where Ogün was working.

Ogün shared how surprised and touched he was when he first saw Cemre carrying the heavy dog on her little back. He said that Cemre even wrapped Pamuk with a warm blanket and brought the pup to him without hesitation.

Ogün knew he could not turn Cemre away after seeing her walk so far just to have her dog checked, so he decided to examine the sick pup. He recalled how concerned Cemre looked while he was busy checking Pamuk.

Ogün talked to Cemre and told her that nothing was seriously wrong with Pamuk, except for a minor skin problem that made Pamuk feel uncomfortable. He reassured Cemre that ointments and antibiotics could quickly treat Pamuk’s current health issue.

Ogün recalled how happy Cemre was when she heard that Pamuk would be alright. He applied an external parasite medication to Pamuk’s infected skin and promised her that he would revisit them for Pamuk’s follow-up checkup.

Ogün said that he did not charge Cemre for the services rendered because he saw how devoted she is to her dog. He shared how Cemre made him believe that there is still hope in the world.

Source: sabah.com.tr

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