Mia, a chihuahua, lived in a home where her owners weren’t concerned about her well-being. They were so neglectful of her that her body nearly shut down. Thankfully, the government intervened, and a dedicated medical team ensured that her life improved.

When they first saw Mia, the staff at the San Jose Animal Care Center could not believe their eyes. When the dog was becoming really ill, her owner rushed her to the clinic. The little dog lacked strength as she was already limping.

It was evident to the veterinarians that the dog had been neglected. Her emaciated body was a clear indication that she was malnourished.

They acted quickly to stabilize her condition. Thankfully, they were successful. They were also required to keep the poor dog in their facility to monitor her condition.

After doing an investigation, they discovered that Mia had been diagnosed with pyometra by a veterinarian three weeks prior. Her uterus was infected, necessitating immediate surgery. Her owner refused to perform the necessary operation.

A few days after bringing in the little puppy, her owner returned and took her home without notifying anyone or paying the cost of all treatment and services that the dog received. Concerned for the dog’s welfare, the medical team contacted animal control and requested that they check on the ailing animal.

The officials then went to Mia’s residence and persuaded her owners to surrender the dog. The ailing dog was subsequently returned to the clinic, where she was finally operated on and treated.

When Mia was returned to the facility, she weighed only three pounds. Additionally, she was suffering from anemia. The team took care of all she needed to improve her health.

Two weeks later, her weight had increased by 30%, and she had also become more active. When she was healthy and well enough to leave the facility, one of the doctors took her up as a foster pet.

The veterinarian would bring Mia to the clinic every day, where the staff had already fallen in love with her. And after seven months, she found her new, permanent home.

Source: Tails of a Shelter Vet

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