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Aside from giving them their favorite food, one of the nicest things we can do to help our pets feel appreciated and loved is to give them affectionate hugs and body rubs.

Dogs enjoy being petted in a certain way, and most of them enjoy tummy rubs. Dogs would even beg to be petted by tugging on your hands, lying next to you, or sitting on your lap. However, there are specific areas that dogs do not like to be touched and you should be aware of that as a dog owner. Dogs respond when these areas are touched so we must respect their space and preference.

One shelter dog in Ohio was frequently observed lying on his back and seeking a belly rub. This dog is Earl and he was rescued by the Humane Society of Madison County in Ohio. Earl is a pit bull mix that was about three years old. This lovely dog has been available for adoption for months, but no one seemed to be interested in bringing him home.

During his morning rounds, a member of the shelter staff observed Earl lying on his back, extending his paws, and wagging his tail as if he were begging for affection. The staff had chosen to take a video of the dog and upload this to show Earl’s daily behavior on Facebook in the hopes that it would alter his fate.

Surprisingly, many individuals find Earl’s behavior amusing! The post became viral soon enough and it received over 700,000 views, 4,600 responses, and 1,100 comments.

Earl was adopted a few days after his video was shared online! The day after watching his video, his new owners submitted their adoption application. The dog’s new owners renamed him Duke.

Duke continues to assume the same position to ask for a belly rub every morning, and that is according to his new owners. Now, the dog receives belly rubs daily and every time he wants to have them!

Duke, you’re one lucky dog! Receive and appreciate all the attention, affection, and love from your new owners.

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