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A woman who lived next to a construction site noticed a huge pit bull enter the vacant lot. She was not afraid of the dog like most people. Instead, she actually noticed that the animal needed help. The dog appeared to have been abandoned and did not know what to do.

Dogs raised in homes lack the survival instincts possessed by strays. It was probable that this dog would not survive on the streets. So she did the right thing and called Hope for Paws, a dog rescue organization, to save him.

The first thing the rescuers did when they arrived at the location was to secure it. They removed a collapsible wall and blocked the only escape from the fenced-in area.

The dog spotted them approaching, but he did not react. He was bewildered by what was happening and unsure of what to do.

Fortunately, he was not aggressive. He was simply terrified and kept staring at the humans who had joined him in the parking lot.

To gain his trust, the rescuers approached him slowly and offered him a treat. The dog was hungry and accepted the meal with only a tiny amount of fear.

They were eventually able to place a soft leash around his neck. They then attempted to guide him out of the parking lot and into their vehicle, but he resisted. They waited a little longer before deciding to simply put him in a cage.

The rescuers transported the dog to an animal hospital, where a veterinarian evaluated his health. It was determined that the dog, now named Odin, was in good health. He was then neutered, vaccinated, and implanted with a microchip. The dog was then placed in a foster home.

Odin was completely aware that he was in a safe environment. He rapidly emerged from his shell and began to become energetic and playful. He enjoyed playing with humans and foster dogs alike. Because of his temperament, he was quickly adopted by a new forever family.

Source: Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel

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