Tim Ryan lived in an area in Virginia that had seldom experienced criminal activities, so his family always thought about their neighborhood as a peaceful place to live. However, one day, something drastic and unimaginable happened when Ryan was not home.

Two burglars came into the premises of the house with the intention to break in and steal whatever they could. Ryan’s two daughters and their dog named Penelope were the only ones in the house at that time.

The burglars first scaled the backyard fence, then when they were breaking into the house, a detached part of the door frame suddenly fell on the ground and made a loud noise.

The girls were sitting on the couch and got extremely scared when they heard a sudden strange noise coming from the backyard. However, Penelope, who was a Labrador and Pit-Bull mix, seemed to know exactly what to do.

Penelope immediately ran towards the area where the noise came from and spotted the strangers. Penelope started barking ferociously at the burglars and chased them away.

Penelope was a very sweet and well-disciplined dog, but on that particular day, she decided to show her truly daunting and aggressive behavior because the situation asked for it.

Later, when Ryan arrived home, he could see a helicopter flying over his house, and the police cars were there as well. Ryan’s daughters told him that Penelope saved them from the burglars.

Ryan was extremely thankful to Penelope for exhibiting her out of character behavior to save his daughters from harm. Ryan said that he now feels more comfortable while leaving home because Penelope has shown her ability to protect his kids.

Sometimes when you have a very gentle and friendly dog at home, you don’t tend to think of him as a protector or a guard dog. Still, more often than not, they always have that aggressive instinct in them to save their family from harm, and they use it to good effect whenever it’s required.

Here is a video about the story.

Source: WKTR News 3 via Youtube

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