A woman named Morgan Mckenzie detected faint sounds coming from a nearby tree stump. It seemed that the faint sound she heard originated from just one kitten. So Morgan opted to just ignore what she heard because she believed that the kitten’s mother would return.

Morgan returned to the log at night to see whether or not the kitten was still present. And indeed, the gray and white kitten was still there, all by itself. Morgan chose to take her this time.

The abandoned kitten was approximately two days old, so she was still blind. The small animal was also famished.

Morgan decided to adopt the kitten and gave her the name Polly. Polly was infested with fleas, so the woman quickly gave her a bath in the sink. Paxton, a 12-year-old Labrador that was Morgan’s pet, was curious about what was happening and watched.

Paxton fell in love with the newborn kitten immediately. Polly had never experienced a parental action before Paxton cleaned her up after she was fed from a bottle by Morgan. Polly could not see anything yet, but she knew that her new companion was the one who cared for her.

Polly’s vision became clear five weeks after being born, and she can now see everything clearly, including her new best pal. Soon, the two animals were inseparable. Morgan believed that Polly was really innocent, which is why the kitten acted normally around Paxton and believed that their relationship was no different than any other.

Morgan assumed Polly was unaware of her own nature as a cat. Polly and Paxton would cuddle on the sofa, eat and play together, and do everything together. The canine and feline pair are happiest when they are together. It didn’t matter if they were from two different species.

Paxton is close to 13 years old, and Polly is only five months old, but the age gap does not really bother them as they remain to be the best of friends. Morgan appreciates the odd couple and their beautiful friendship. She saw Polly as Paxton’s annoying younger sister who would constantly attach herself to him and play with his favorite toys.

Source: pollyandpax

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