A Pitbull named Finn was one of 36 dogs who were neglected and abused by their previous owner. Out of all the dogs, Finn was the most anxious one. It was so heartbreaking to see how a human could hoard all of these doggos without taking care of them.

Finn was very skinny and had cigarette burns all over his body. He even smelled really bad because of his infections. His immune system was fragile, and he was afraid of basically anything that could potentially harm him.

So when Finn got adopted, his new hoomans made sure to provide all of his medical needs. The doggo was given pillows and blankets so he could sleep comfortably in his new home. Finn took his time adjusting to the new environment, but he warmed up to his new family after two weeks.

The poor pooch would even crawl into his hoomans’ laps and just stay there with them as if he was still afraid of getting hurt. Finn still gets nervous around strangers, especially with men, but he is a really sweet and friendly doggo once he gets to know you.

As Finn continued to grow in his new home, he made a lot of amazing improvements. He slowly gained confidence and felt more at ease with everyone around him. He also gets along really well with his sisters, Poe and Penny, who are also rescue dogs.

Finn’s true personality slowly came out with the support of his forever family around him. Apparently, he is a really happy doggo who can be such a clumsy goofball at times. He can get really crazy when he gets the zoomies but other than that, he just loves sleeping all day long.

Finn has gone through so much, but he was able to push through because of his hoomans who believed in him and gave him a second chance. He finally knows what it’s like to be surrounded by kind hoomans in a warm and loving home.

Video Credit: GeoBeats Animals

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