When we were kids, all we’ve ever wanted to do was play. We think it’s that single aspect that made life enjoyable, and kids are experts at incorporating fun into everything they do.

Perhaps that’s what these two babies had in mind one sunny afternoon. The Golden Retriever’s name is Wallace. He’s a pal to this hooman toddler who was game with anything this pet thought of.

That afternoon was all about playing, and these two didn’t waste time getting into the game. Wallace began his calls for play, running and zooming in and out of the frame.

The toddler was delighted, and he kept on giggling and laughing at his buddy’s antics. We don’t get what’s funny, but hey, that’s why we need to think like kids again.

Wallace hunkered down and smiled after zooming past his giggling pal. He felt good, and his goofy grin said it all. The little boy just walked up to him, and that’s when Wallace ran off once more.

That earned a fresh bout of laughter from the little boy, and we must admit that it was fun to watch two innocent hearts play so freely. Adults really need to go back to the basics of playing.

The zoomie game continued for a while, and after a bit, Wallace felt feisty enough to give his toddler friend a push. Down went the toddler, but instead of crying, there were only tears of joy.

Wallace was careful not to hurt his pal although that little plop right there was concerning to the toddler’s mom. It was nothing to the pet and little boy.

Perhaps it’s high time we let dogs and kids give us a refresher on how to have clean, simple fun. We’ve forgotten how to play, but thankfully, we have kids and doggos to show us how to have a grand time!

Photo and video credits to DogLove24 via YouTube

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