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Bo, a Great Pyrenees, once lived with a family but they abandoned him. They decided, for no apparent reason, that he no longer belonged with them. Therefore, when they moved out, they left him all alone in his doghouse.

The dog stayed in his doghouse all alone for an unknown amount of time. The dog also seemed unaware that his family had abandoned him and he still was hoping that they would return one day.

One day, some coyotes came and attacked the dog. Despite this, he did not move because he still was waiting for his owners to come back. The poor dog sustained some wounds during the attack.

It is also quite sad that he contracted mange, an itchy skin condition, because of his living situation. Without medical care, his condition rapidly deteriorated and worsened. Fortunately, Faith Toahty of Street Dog Rescue discovered him and raced to help him out.

When Faith arrived, Bo fled and hid in his doghouse because he did not understand what she wanted from him despite her offering him several treats. He attempted to hide, but she immediately fastened a leash on him.

At first, Bo’s rescue appeared very simple. It required little effort to attach the leash to him. But after escaping despite having the leash on, he retreated and hid beneath the house. He crammed his enormous frame into the little space between the porch board and the ground.

The rescuer had to exercise extreme caution to avoid further injuring the dog. It took a great deal of patience, but in the end, Faith was finally able to take him out of his hiding place completely unharmed. Then, she transported him directly to the hospital for urgent veterinary care.

The dog was in a dreadful state when he was rescued. Due to lost patches of fur, he hardly resembled a dog, let alone a Great Pyrenees. He then needed a great amount of time to recuperate, but thanks to the skilled veterinary staff, he recovered and grew back a white, fluffy coat.

Bo was eventually placed up for adoption, and his adoptive mother, Patricia, immediately fell in love with him. Six months passed before he realized he was at home. However, once he did, he became the happiest and goodest dog on the planet.

Source: The Dodo

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