Jeff McNeil, a player of the New York Mets, had a memorable experience at the ballpark. When his team prepared for a home game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, a group of adorable puppies from North Shore Animal League visited them. He was fascinated by a cute puppy with a brown fur; in fact, he brought it near to him before the game started.

Jeff fell in love with the puppy right after he saw it, so he initiated its adoption. Before the game, he called his wife to ask for approval about the puppy’s adoption. He even sent the puppy’s attractive video to persuade her. Fortunately, they both agreed to visit its shelter after the home game.

Jeff was motivated to play well after he held the puppy; in fact, his team did hit a home run. He was more convinced that the puppy would inspire him to become successful in his career. He adopted it a day after the game; however, he didn’t give it a name so far.

The puppy inspired Jeff to do his best in every game; therefore, he became one of the best baseball players in a league. His lucky charm didn’t fail to boost his energy and confidence in all of his games. It also elevated his passion for baseball, so he led the games with flying colors. When he achieved a .340 batting average, he was recognized as a valuable player.

He didn’t imagine that the puppy could inspire him to excel in his career. Their lovely story reminded us that dogs could bring miracles in our lives. The positive traits that they possessed were contagious; therefore, they could teach us to live with hope, inspiration, and gratitude each day.

Jeff couldn’t choose the name for his puppy because it deserved to have the best name. Its name would remind him of its positive influence in his life, so he wanted to make sure it was perfect. As of now, he takes care of his lucky charm well; in fact, he gives it a loving and caring family in the comfort of his home.

Credits to Jeff McNeil

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