A basketball player named Devonte Graham got a dog that he named Charlotte. When he first got Charlotte, the canine was very timid. She hardly interacted with anyone but Devonte. Devonte never expected that the two of them were going to be very close.

It all started when Charlotte refused to leave Devonte’s side. She might felt safe around her new dad that she followed her around. Devonte did not mind as he loved observing how she behaved around him. He loved seeing her confidence grow every day.

Charlotte was one of the reasons that Devonte loved coming home from his training. He was mainly away due to his training schedule. Whenever he was home, he would make sure that he spends a lot of his time with Charlotte.

Devonte loved that Charlotte never cared about basketball. She never cared if her dad won or lost a game.

All she gave him was unconditional love, and that was more than enough for Devonte. The way Charlotte showed her dad how much she loved him made Devonte adore her even more.

Not only that, Charlotte was such an entertainer. Devonte enjoyed her little antics and how picky she was as an eater. When he handed her broccoli, Charlotte refused to eat it. When her dad gave her shrimp, she gladly took it.

These little habits of hers made Devonte appreciate her. He admired her because she always made him smile. She has changed her dad’s life, where he learned to appreciate little things more. He never knew that he could learn so much from his dog.

He was simply thankful about it. These two buddies were happily living their lives and enjoying each other’s company. Devonte would forever be proud of his Charlotte. He was looking forward to spoiling her and give her the best life.

Source The Dodo via YouTube

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