Weddings are known to be the ultimate celebration of love and affection of two people. Though weddings are a moment to truly cherish, they can be quite predictable. Let’s admit, we already have an idea of what is going to happen in the ceremonies and the reception.

However, one certain wedding proved that a bit of creativity can break the norm. You’ll never guess what kind of surprise the bride prepared for the guests.

Sara Carson Devine happens to be a dog trainer. And mind you, she’s not just your ordinary trainer. She actually appeared in the famous show named “America’s Got Talent” where she wowed the audience by showing off what Hero, her trained dog, can perform. In fact, they were a great pair who indeed put on a remarkable show.

In 2019, Sara married a fellow dog trainer named John Devine.

Their wedding was incredible and a success! And one of the most momentous and extraordinary times was the bridal dance. It was actually a one-of-a-kind dance where Sara shared the dancefloor with none other than the couple’s “best dog”, Hero!

They both danced and grooved to the tune of Kenny Loggins’ iconic song “Footloose”.  The canine and bride tandem gave an awesome performance that definitely left the guests in awe! Sara also had the happiest time as she directed Hero, who in return put up a marvelous show.

The furry pup’s tricks were sensational, as proof of how great Sara is as a trainer. The way she swayed with Hero is just superb.  Hero continued to groove one after the other and the guests were so thrilled to see something so unique in a wedding. There was also a moment where Hero leaped on Sara’s back and then back on the dancefloor flawlessly.

Curious on how the pair stole the show? Watch the whole video below and prepare to be amazed with their talent.

Source: The Super Collies via Youtube

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