When you’re blind, it’s not uncommon to use your other senses to get a feel of what’s happening in your surroundings. Even if it means having to double-check through hearing, smelling, or touching, you won’t mind if it means being safe and sure.

With this, a blind, elderly doggo barks furiously for its fur parents to open the glass door even if it’s wide open. Though the pup’s antics look comical, you can’t blame it for asking a confirmatory sound from its fur parents.

Hey, Spencer. It’s open!

In this funny video clip, a blind, mix-furred canine named Spencer stands by an open glass sliding door. At first, it seems Spencer’s waiting for an exciting event to happen as he stays on the same spot.

But, Dad soon intervenes, persuading the doggo to go inside. Yet, Spencer’s too hesitant to follow as he merely wags his tail while staring in Dad’s direction.

At some point, Spencer even barks loudly to bid Dad open the door. The mutt carries on with its furtive yapping until Dad explains to him that the door’s wide open.

Oh, so the door’s now agape.

Despite Dad’s continuous explanation to Spencer, nothing can convince the doggo to take a step inside. Thus, when the stickler canine continues to yap, Mom chimes in to entice him to go inside.

But, like earlier, Spencer chooses to stay standing as if he’s waiting for his fur parents to do something. Thus, Dad decides to take action and closes the sliding door instead.

Hearing the sound of the glass door closing, Spencer takes a few steps backward to make way for it. After a few suspenseful seconds, Dad reopens the glass door, prompting Spencer to trot inside.

How do you think Spencer’s fur parents reacted upon seeing his funny response? Catch the adorable mutt in live-action through the linked footage below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube

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