Crystal Lamirande is an L.A. resident that has seen firsthand the bravery and determination of firefighters. It all happened when she came home one day to find that her apartment was burning. The heat and the thick smoke prevented her from going inside to save her pet.

The homeowner quickly called the emergency hotline, and after a few tense and anxious minutes, the responders arrived. By that time, Crystal was already frantic. She told them that Nalu, her 10-year-old pet was inside.


Without any hesitation, Andrew Klein, a firefighter, went into Crystal’s home followed by his colleagues. The brave responder was smothered by the thick smoke, so he got on all fours while searching for the trapped dog.

When Andrew finally saw the small pooch, Nalu was unconscious and seemed lifeless. The brave man picked up the dog and quickly got out of the fire trap.

While the other firefighters fought hard to kill the flames, Andrew went to work on the dog. He took Nalu out to the front yard, where the dog could get fresh air. But he was not responding.

Andrew started administering CPR, directly blowing precious air inside the dog’s snout. For the next 20 minutes, the determined firefighter tried to revive the unconscious pooch. He was relentless in his efforts.

Next to him, Crystal was crying and praying for some miracle. Then it happened. The dog started breathing again.


Both Crystal and Andrew were relieved when the dog regained consciousness. They started giving him belly rubs, and the dog seemed to enjoy it. But Nalu was far from being fully recovered. He kept on coughing, so they brought him to an animal clinic.

For the next 24 hours, Nalu was placed inside an oxygen chamber. When he went out, the coughing has significantly dropped. And like the sweet pup that he is, he went around giving people kisses, happy to be alive.

Source: World News via Youtube

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