It’s not uncommon to see dogs begging for food, and while some canines might get a little pushy about it (like this puppy who lives in Japan), most of them aren’t that bad.

This Shiba Inu looks like he should be featured in an episode of Cesar Milan’s show.

He’s such a fluffy boy, and it’s hard for us to believe that he ever goes hungry. No hungry dog would look all shiny-haired, with more than ample meat in his frame.

He just behaves so sadly and pitifully, we can’t say no to him. This Shiba Inu really wants food. He doesn’t want anything else – he just needs sustenance for his chubby body.

I mean look at how depressed he is about not getting his lunch! This hilarious pet looked so dejected and forlorn facing an empty bowl.

He stretched a paw out, as though to say he’s not eaten yet, and that’s all it took for him to capture our hearts.

We felt guilty for the person who neglected to feed him! Taking a look at his sad doggy face, we decided it’s time to take action. We wondered what he’d order if he could speak English.

Perhaps some chicken breast? Or maybe some salmon? All jokes aside, this Shiba Inu is still exceptionally well-fed, but we’re only too happy to help him get his favorite chicken nuggets.

Liking this clip and sharing it ensures we get this fluffball his food fix. Hopefully, he’ll get it today, and maybe that will lift his spirits a bit!

Finally, somebody tossed him some treats. It’s nuggets alright, and this Shiba Inu couldn’t wait till it’s properly served.

We could tell that he’s stoked to be fed his favorite food, although he’s careful to look like he needs more of the stuff! Eat well, boy!

Credits to Rapid Liquid via YouTube

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