Self-driving vehicles could be the future of the transportation industry. If perfected, people think it will solve traffic congestions and lessen vehicular accidents. But from a recent experience in Florida, it might bring more doubters than believers.

A neighborhood in Port St. Lucie was alarmed to witness a car making circles around the street but in reverse. The shocking thing was no one seems to be seated on the driver’s seat. The car didn’t look like it came from a sci-fi movie, and we could probably rule out the supernatural angle.

There must be a logical justification to solve the curious case of the driverless car. Anne Sabol, one of the witnesses, said that the unusual activity started at 8:30 AM of November 21. Anne recalled how she thought it was just backing up when it kept circling the cul-de-sac for an entire hour.

The police and fire department eventually came to investigate the unusual scene. What they found out was equal parts shocking, worrying, and hilarious. The self-driving car was not, in fact, due to a brilliant advancement of science and technology, nor was it driven by a lost ghost. After the police intervention, everyone was shocked when a big black dog came out of the car.

Investigation revealed that the human driver stepped out of the running car while the dog was left inside. It may have unknowingly initiated the reverse driving, and so the circling began. In the video, the puppy could be seen on the passenger seat, seemingly confused. They tried to slow down the car and eventually helped the canine driver get out.

The best news is no human or doggie was hurt. There was a mangled mailbox, and some knocked out garbage cans, though. The owner of the car promised to pay for all the damages. The incident taught us not to leave our running cars or clueless doggies unattended. At least not until you taught your furry friends some mad driving skills. Make sure to get them their own driver’s license too!

Video source: WETM 18 News via YouTube

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