It’s common knowledge that puppies are pure blessings. They can make you laugh, make you smile, and they are nothing but love.

But sometimes it is clearer how amazing they are when you see them in action.

This tiny Corgi named Bodega joined his new family in their New York home. Like any new pupper, getting acclimated to new surroundings is the first order of the day.

And even though it may seem like puppies are just sleeping and eating all day, they make sure to squeeze in some activities in their brand new life.

Bodega’s family uploaded a compiled clip of his adventures, showing that this corgi is living the perfect pup life.

Let’s face it— these little dudes are a source of pure joy and relaxation, and we couldn’t get enough of them.

From the moment Bodega gets his collar tied around his neck, it is clear that this pup knows what’s up.

He hops into his owner’s arms, and when he finally makes his way outside, he gets right into the exploring stage with gusto.

Bodega the explorer

We could tell that this perky-eared pet loves his bed. His overall chill pose on it said so, and we’re here for it.

He also delights in tugging at random stuff, preferably with mom holding the other end of the object.

Then the little one decided to do a house tour, running everywhere, checking every nook and cranny he could find. Whatever discoveries this puppy made, he’s keeping it close to his heart.

After these activities, Bodega is exhausted and he couldn’t be happier about it. His active little form now looked forward to enjoying his soft and cozy bed.

It’s incredible to see how much joy these babies get from simple activities like playing outside or doing tug-of-war. We’re glad Bodega has settled in. Cheers!

Credits to Bodega the Corgi via YouTube

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