The world is full of judgemental people. Sometimes, they base their attitude depending on how you look. The more beautiful you are, the better the treatment.

Is it unfair? Yes, very. But that’s the reality that everyone is living in.

Unfortunately, it’s not only humans who receive criticism and judgment, so do canines. That’s what happened to Beaux Tox from Texas.

Beaux Tox is a Labrador Retriever born with a facial deformity. This deformity was a result of being squashed inside his mother’s womb as there were six pups inside. It was only his looks that were affected and not his personality or his spirit.

Due to his condition, the breeder was unable to sell him. This caused Beaux Tox to live with a man who neglected him. For five years, he was always left outside, alone.

Without a family, this sweet dog was left with the deformity and bones full of parasites. He never lost hope and finally met the guardian angel that he so badly needed. His angel and rescuer is Jamie Hulti.

Jamie was determined to give Beaux Tox another chance at life. She wanted to give him a home and stability. Beaux was provided treatment by Dr. Jay Ryberg for his health conditions such as his chronic case of heartworms. The doctor turned this dog’s health from bad to good, and changed the dog’s life forever.

Beaux Tox is now a little brother to another Labrador, Riley. These two Labradors are now the best of friends and are inseparable! Even with the age difference, these two love each other and are perfect together.

Even though Beaux Tox has gone through so much, he never lost his zest for life, his playful spirit and his hope for a better life. He now lives happier and healthier.

Source Little Paws via YouTube

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