A dog groomer in Tennessee advised her neighbor to adopt a rescue dog who needed a new home. She heard of the helpless Belgian Malinois and decided to convince her neighbor Jeff LeCates to adopt the poor dog and raise him. The Tennessee man, after thinking about it for a while, decided to follow his neighbor’s suggestion and officially adopted the dog and named it Roux.

But on the 4th of July, when Americans from all over the country celebrate and sometimes even light up fireworks, dogs tend to throw fits of anxiety because of their inability to handle the noise well. Although Roux was different, this special dog wasn’t like the others. It showed unusual behavior because instead of hiding from fear, it barked and paced on their front door which ultimately caught the attention of its owners.

After a while, LeCates decided to open the door but he was unable to see anything at all until Roux ran past him and went outside the door and ran over to the far end of their house, making LeCates follow the dog and be in the perfect position to see that his neighbor’s garage door was on fire.

LeCates immediately rushed over and banged on his neighbors front door, which woke up the sleeping family and allowed them to escape the burning house. Firefighters arrived moments later and informed them that the fire was caused by used fireworks and other combustibles placed in their trashcan.

Probably the best part of the story shows that Roux was not only a good dog for its owners but she was hailed as a local hero because her actions saved the entire family’s life. And everyone just loves the fact that she rescued the dog groomer who helped her find a loving home. Talk about good karma, right? Great work to the adorable dog Roux!

Watch their amazing bonding moment below.

Source: News4 WSMV Nashville via YouTube

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