A dog in Oklahoma, USA was suffering from advanced mange. This dog’s name is Buster. His condition caused him so much pain as his whole body was covered with sores. This dog has lost all hope of ever getting better as his state grows worse every day.

Buster needed emergency care for his worsening condition. He bleeds nearly 24/7. Imagine feeling that kind of pain every minute of every day. He can hardly sleep due to the painful sores on his body.

His buddy, Boujee, is one of his constant companions that stays with him to provide comfort and love. He slowly began to feel more comfortable. He is slowly warming up to other dogs as well.

This dog is making a remarkable transformation as he is responding well to treatment. He is slowly starting to play just like a puppy. Buster has grown to be such a sweet and polite dog which pleases his family greatly.

Buster has grown to be such a good and loving dog. He is expected to make a full recovery from his upper respiratory infection as well. Hair is starting to grow and has gone to annoying his brother, Boujee once again.

The dog who once lost all hope is now full of life and energy as he plays with his brother and continues to be an obedient fur baby. The best part? He now enjoys taking showers unlike before.

After enjoying himself by running around the streets, he now looks forward to his warm baths. This brave and robust dog has finally woken up from a nightmare. Thanks to the people who were kind enough to help

With loving parents and brother, and proper treatment, Buster is now healthy and happy. Buster is no longer the sad dog he once was – he is now happy and contented.

Source Little Paws via YouTube

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