This is a heartbreaking story of a dog who would have died alone. As if living alone and in pain is not enough, the story of how this dog was left for dead is not like any other story you may have heard. The cruelty is unbelievable.

Wanda was thrown over a fence to let the dog die. In an amazing turn of events, this dog was found and rescued before he could say goodbye to this world. This rescue was his resurrection.

Wanda’s condition was far from desirable and healthy. She was suffering from a lot of health conditions. Because of her condition, vet care and treatment were expected to be quite expensive.

Her rescuer knows this, so she sets up a Go Fund Me account for Wanda in the hopes of raising enough funds to provide her the proper treatment that she urgently deserves. Her amount target was three thousand pounds, but on the first week that his Go Fund Me account was up, they have already raised over eight thousand pounds!

This shows that people all over the world are very willing to help out the dog who has gone through so much pain and cruelty in life. Her road to recovery will be a long one, but it is very possible.

She was provided the necessary nutrients via IV drip for her first day. Wanda was hopeful that this whole process would change her life. She was getting treated multiple times a day.

After three months of intensive care, Wanda is slowly feeling better, and looking better too! She was able to live with her foster parents who continued to provide her the proper treatment and enough love and care.

Now, Wanda has fully recovered and is showing her energetic personality. She got along pretty well with her foster family. This would have not been possible if not for all the people who contributed to get her the proper treatment that she needed.

Source Litte Paws via YouTube

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