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Dog Saves Blind Woman

Dogs always go beyond their abilities to surprise us in many ways when troubles face us. If you keep a dog at home, you will understand that these little furry pals can be big-time heroes when called upon to save a life.

Among the heroic canine acts that will go down in history are the stories two women. Christina Colon from Philadelphia and Jones from Talladega County literary owe their lives to their dogs. Yolanda and Pooh are the heroes pets we recognize in this post today.

Yolanda, the witty hero

One blind lady from North Philadelphia has her dog to thank for saving her life two times in one night; one from burglars and the second time from a gas leak. These were two life-threatening incidences, which Yolanda, a service dog handled with grace and ease almost like how a human would.

Yolanda the hero pet has now risen to fame, praised for her bravado. To Christine Colon, Yolanda is not just a hero. She is an angel. So what happened to earn Yolanda such a glowing personal profile?

August 2015, Christina Colon was sleeping at night when Yolanda started growling by her bedside. Colon immediately knew that something was amiss. Panicked, Colon tuned in for an indication of what had aggravated Yolanda and heard two male voices talking in quieted tones on downstairs. Burglars had broken into her home, and Colon realized that her life was in danger

That is when daring Yolanda put her skills to use. Colon revealed to NBC News that Yolanda closed the bedroom door leaving Colon safely shut inside, and then darted down the stairs after the thieves. Colon could hear Yolanda barking fiercely at the intruders

The thieves had no alternative but to fall back, but Yolanda wasn’t finished with her heroics yet that night. It happened that as the burglars fled Colon’s home with Yolanda hot on their heels, one of them turned a handle on the kitchen stove, filling the house with hazardous explosive gas. Colon struggled to breathe and scampered toward the telephone to call 9-1-1. As she struggled to call for help, to her surprise, the police were already at the door. Yolanda had done it again!

Christina told news outlets that she had a phone that is specially designed for people with service dogs. Yolanda understood her owner was in danger, she remembered her training and pressed the 911 button. Thanks to Yolanda’s quick wits, Colon’s life was saved, and the police were able to catch the perpetrators of the intrusion.

Pooh saves the blind woman

July 2012 Talladega County, Jones was sorting her wardrobe when she suddenly felt ill. Pooh, her seeing-eye canine, figured out how to reach more than 6 feet to get her leash. Pooh encouraged Jones to put the leash on her. When the chain was on, Jones says Pooh literary hauled her out through the door.

Once outside, Jones realized that there was a gas spill. Jones, who is visually impaired, got her pooch just about three years back from an Ohio-based non-profit that gives specially trained dogs to blind people.

Dogs are more than pets. They can be lifesavers too. Guide dogs, for instance, have on many occasions led blind people from harm’s way. These hero dogs deserve a medal of honor.