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Pet And Wildlife Rescue (P.A.W.) employees in Chatham-Kent, Ontario were surprised to see a scrawny pit bull tethered to a pole in front of their facility one day. She was most likely left there while it was still dark.

They attempted to bring the flea-infested dog inside. However, she became hostile whenever someone attempted to approach her. With the assistance of several other seasoned rescuers, they were eventually able to get her inside and place her in a kennel.

Unfortunately, it had little effect on her attitude.

The P.A.W. officers gave her the name Zelda and consistently attempted to show her affection. However, the terrified dog would have none of it. She did not give them an opportunity to do so. She kept to herself and would snarl and snap at anyone who approached too closely.

The dog allowed them to give her a few pets but only if she was given treats. But as soon as the food was gone, she went back to her terrified state. Zelda appeared to be a hopeless cause.

But the staff was not yet prepared to give up. They were understanding and patient with her.

While considering ways to gain her trust, one of them recommended introducing her to another dog. Perhaps that might help her relax. And it succeeded.

They chose one of their more sociable and energetic canines, and then introduced the two animals to each other. Zelda’s behavior changed instantly. She appeared happy and assured when playing with the other dog.

One of the group’s rescuers, a woman named Chantelle Kuhn, was ecstatic with Zelda’s transformation. She decided to foster the dog after observing that it loved being around other dogs. She already had two dogs at home, and they would welcome the rescue dog with open arms.

When Chantelle took Zelda home, she introduced her to the other dogs. The same thing happened – Zelda became carefree and free of all fears.

Over time, she began to trust Chantelle and her partner. They opted to adopt the dog since they enjoyed having her around.

Chantelle stated that Zelda was really content in their home, and that she could not bear to see her heart broken if she were taken away.

Source: Pet And Wildlife Rescue

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