When a dog goes missing, the owner can’t help but feel anxious and helpless. For one, they don’t have an idea where their pup has gone. And even if years pass, the trauma brought about by the unexpected loss may remain. After all, the owner isn’t given any reasonable closure.

A couple from Surrey, England knows how hard it is to have a missing dog. However, they are caught off guard after finding out that their pup is still alive. In fact, the dog has managed to reunite with them!

What happened eight years ago

A couple named Stuart and Jane Wylie launched a search campaign in 2013 to find Cassie, their beloved Spaniel. This was after the pup vanished from their yard.

Despite their efforts, Cassie was never found. In an interview with a prominent British news outlet, Mrs. Wylie revealed that they got the Spaniel because they lost their son. She believed that the pup would help them pull through. But then, the unthinkable happened.

Mrs. Wylie added that losing Cassie was really difficult. She never thought that she would never see her again.

But an unexpected call from the authorities changed everything.

The heartwarming reunion

A call from the authorities revealed to the Wylies that Cassie is still alive! When Mrs. Wylie heard the news, she was in utter shock. She admitted that she had given up looking for Cassie. That was understandable, knowing that it had been eight years since the dog went missing.

Apparently, the police and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) raided a location in West Sussex and found three puppies there. Their mother was scanned for a microchip, so the authorities were able to figure out that she belonged to the Wylies.

Cassie and the pups were returned to the Wylies. Mrs. Wylie said that they gave the puppies to people who they knew would love them.

Source: ITV News via YouTube

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