It’s difficult to imagine how some people would be so heartless that they mistreat, neglect, and even abuse their pet dogs. While it’s understandable that some people would just surrender their dogs to a shelter if they are unable to care for them, some people insist on keeping their dogs even if the dogs are already suffering. A dog named Jada is the perfect example of how some dog owners can be so heartless.

Before she was rescued, Jada spent most of her life living in a basement of a home in Syracuse, New York. Jada was locked inside a crate and was neglected by her owner. After years of abuse and neglect, Jada became emaciated and had scars of abuse all over her body.

Thankfully, the police were made aware of Jada’s existence and didn’t waste any time at all to rescue her. The police were horrified to see Jada’s condition. She was super thin that all her bones can be seen through her diseased skin. The police also discovered Jada’s puppy in the basement.

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Both were terrified of people but the police quickly rescued both of them from their horrible living situation. In the end, Jada’s former owner faced animal cruelty charges. When Jada was at the rescue shelter, she was examined by the vet to see if she had other health issues. That was when the rescuers found out that Jada had an aggressive form of cancer.

Cancer had already spread to Jada’s lungs, which was already killing her slowly. The diagnosis was a huge blow to Jada’s rescuers. Usually, it meant that Jada would have been a candidate for euthanasia but the rescuers and volunteers caring for Jada had other plans. Jada had spent her entire life living in a basement. Her rescuers decided to make a bucket list for her so she could experience what she missed out in the world.

Jada’s family at the Humane Society set out to fulfill her bucket list. When the community heard about it, they soon started giving Jada support and helped her with her bucket list. Jada spent her final days getting love from her forever family and the entire community. Although Jada had a bad start in life, she’s finally getting the happy ending that she deserved.

Jada eventually crossed the rainbow bridge. The entire community that supported Jada mourned her loss but they are sure that she is smiling down on them and thankful for the love that she received from the people who saved her. Here’s a heartwarming video link below the screenshots telling Jada’s story and how she bravely defeated her pain and learned to love with the help of amazing people.

Video Source Watchjojo Animals via YouTube

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