Stories of reunions, especially during quarantine, are the most beautiful and heartwarming ones to watch.

In the middle of this pandemic, many people have been struggling. Apart from the pain and sufferings of contracting the virus, one kind of struggle we also have to deal with is not being able to see our loved ones whenever we want to.

Before the pandemic, we had all the freedom to visit our family and friends without worrying about catching a cold or any form of sickness. But right now, just to avoid passing the virus to our loved ones, we’d rather stay at home. And being away from them for a long time results in missing them badly.

But it’s not just us humans who miss our loved ones when we haven’t seen them for a long time. Our furry canines feel the same way too.

One precious video shows us a heartwarming example of a dog’s separation anxiety and how much they can miss us.

Milly is an adorable golden doodle who hasn’t been with her human sister for weeks. So far, 14 days have passed and Milly has been sad. Her human sister hasn’t been around because she had to quarantine herself after having interacted with someone who had the Covid-19 virus.

As seen in the video, we see little Milly waiting patiently near the door of the elevator. She knows someone is coming out! She isn’t sure who the next person is, but she is strongly hoping that she gets to see her human sister next.

Soon, the elevator makes a ding sound and the doors finally open.

Finally, it’s her sister! She gets up on her sister’s leg and jumps for joy! And of course, her sister tries to get down on her knees and lets Milly give all the smooches she has to offer.

Milly is the sweetest, isn’t she? Watch how she gives the warmest reunion through the video below.


Reunited with the best🤍 #dogsoftiktok #puppy #goldendoodle #milly

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Source: cattymalouf via TikTok

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