This dog wasn’t the best candidate for adoption, but a kind hooman named Samantha Keisler decided to adopt her anyway.

Samantha named her new baby, Lady. The dog was malnourished, had anxiety, and had a mystery skin condition that affected her hind legs.

Plenty of people tried to stop Samantha from adopting a sick dog, but we’re thankful she didn’t listen. She knew that the pet needed help, so she set out to do just that.

Lady cowered and slunk away from everything, and didn’t show much zest for life even after her adoption. This one got her heart broken one too many times, and it won’t be easy to bring that trust back.

The dog’s behavior only strengthened Samantha’s resolve to let the puppy know that this set-up’s forever. Way to go, mama!

Despite her shy demeanor, Lady loved being around people. Samantha let her tag along, even to school. Lady behaved well, but soon, the puppy wasn’t allowed to go to Samantha’s classes anymore.

To address the situation, Samantha decided to adopt another fur pet. She had no idea how the furbabies would respond to each other, but fortunately, both pets got along well.

The one-pound kitten became Lady’s pal, and the buddies soon became inseparable. It’s unconventional for a canine and feline to be friends, but these two made it work.

Lady and Kitty clicked, and they knew they were buddies for life. They snuggled, snoozed, and pretty much did everything together.

Even if it’s just nature-watching, these pets made sure to do activities side-by-side.

To Samantha’s delight, Lady’s anxiety disappeared. Having a friend who stuck by the shy dog helped tremendously. Well done, all of you!

It’s incredible to witness such a grand gesture of love. Thank you, Samantha, for restoring our faith in humanity.

Photo and video credits to My Pets via YouTube

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