Living on the streets is difficult enough. Living on the streets with a health issue makes it even more challenging. This is what a dog named Leesa has been going through.

Leesa had mammary gland tumors, and they have been bleeding. Tumors will often grow in the mammary glands if the dog is not spayed. She is alone and has been looking for a temporary shelter under a few parked cars. Leesa has been living a sad life with no one to care for her.

Thankfully, someone found her and was thoughtful enough to call a local rescuer to help out. When the rescue learned about Leesa’s situation, he immediately went to her location. The rescuer found her under a parked car, and he tried to catch her with a snare.

Leesa was too afraid of people that she walked away, and the rescuer was unable to catch her. She hid in another parked car. The rescuer knew enough not to scare her away again.

This time, the rescuer took his time so that he can gain Leesas’s trust. When the dog realized that the rescuer was there to help her out, she started to relax. She might have realized that she could trust this person.

Leesa has slowly bonded with the rescuer, and it was easier for her to go with him in his vehicle. The canine was brought to the vet where she underwent an operation. She had a surgery that removed all her tumors.

When Leesa was strong enough, she had a foster family waiting for her. Leesa’s future became very bright.

Leesa is now pleased with her current life. Lisa is fortunate that she now has a happy home and a healthier body. This is all thanks to the person who cared enough to call for help.

Source Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel via YouTube

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