A woman named Kimberly saw a dog that she instantly fell in love with. Her husband fell in love with the dog as well so the couple decided to foster him and name him Josh. One of the things that they love about Josh was his behavior despite his condition.

Josh was diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia where his cerebellum is not fully developed. Because of this, his walk has been affected. Josh would keep falling and stumbling. The couple really wanted to help him out with his walk.

At first, they just kept letting Josh practice walking. Whenever he falls, they would always encourage him to get up and try again. Then one day, Kimberly found a harness with a handle on it.

This really helped her guide Josh with his walk. It has really helped Josh a lot as well because this has lessened his stumbling. People have also been encouraging the couple to try putting Josh in a wheelchair. Kimberly refused to do it for the longest time.

Kimberly did not want to put Josh in a wheelchair because she did not want him to be too dependent. Kimberly finally gave in and tried putting him in a wheelchair. It was very challenging at first and Josh didn’t like it at all.

In time, Josh learned to walk on a wheelchair as if it was his training wheels. It has helped him tremendously and Kimberly is happy that Josh is adjusting well to it.

Josh may never walk normally but he has a family who will always be there to pick him up when he stumbles. The couple’s goal is to keep him happy, healthy, and safe. That’s what they will always have in mind. Josh is a fortunate dog to have parents who only have his wellbeing in mind.

Source The Dodo via YouTube

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