When you don’t keep an eye on your dogs, they sometimes cause a huge mess. That is a lesson that many dog owners already know but has only been recently learned by Dylan Raynor’s family.

Over a month ago, Dylan and his mother went out to do some shopping. It only took them almost two hours before they were able to get back to their house in Warrington, England. However, as they arrived home, they found their kitchen completely trashed.

My baby

Posted by Dylan Raynor on Saturday, November 30, 2019


Dylan and his mom were shocked at the scene that welcomed them. It was a complete mess that they immediately thought someone got in and robbed them. Dylan took a photo of the scene of the crime. The picture showed completely emptied cupboards and trash cans. All of their contents were spread out all over the kitchen floor.

As Dylan and his mother inspected the scene a little more closely, they came to realize who the real culprit was. The mess was not caused by a human’s doing. Instead, it was done by someone they know – Dory, their beloved one-year-old cocker spaniel.

Update from the previous post of my baby having a bath…She’s now learned how to open cupboard….EDIT: Since you…

Posted by Dylan Raynor on Sunday, December 1, 2019


According to Dylan, they spotted some nibble marks in the foods. They also saw the same marks in the inedible items. This was clear proof that it was Dory who ransacked their kitchen. With the pup emptying every cupboard and garbage bin’s content, Dylan wondered what else their little pooch might be capable of.

It turns out that Dory is known for her antics. Dylan said that this pup is a full-time nutcase, and causing havoc is something that she usually enjoys. Dylan also noted that Dory attends doggy daycare. She completed her puppy training classes too. Despite all these accolades, Dory remains to be one mischievous pup. However, no matter how naughty Dory is, her family still loves every bit of her.

Credit: Dylan Raynor

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