Shelters and rescue homes play a substantial role in the recovery of most stray and abandoned dogs. It can be the safest place for them after a rough start especially the abused ones. On top of that, it can also be a momentary refuge for them while getting ready to start a new life.

In Salem Lakes, IL, Chicago, a new shelter is under construction that will cater to the needs of all dogs of any type: seniors, pregnant ones, and dogs with special needs. Dubbed as the Big Barn Rescue, it is ALIVE Rescue’s most anticipated project of all time.

The said shelter started its construction after a land plot donation way back in 2016. Four years since then, the Big Barn Rescue is slowly becoming a reality. It is said to be a stepping-stone for the rescue to save more animals in the near future.

The facility was built in a way to specifically address whatever needs any type of rescue dog may have in their turf. Among these are pregnant and nursing moms, senior dogs, and those with behavioral and medical issues. It is made up of luxurious rooms, suites, spacious play areas, etc. any dog could ever ask for and at the same time depending on their demands.

The Big Barn Rescue is said to have amenities far from a typical rescue home, so some, if not most, dogs may feel unaccustomed to it. However, the staff will ensure to attend to them in every way possible for these dogs to skate through life pain- and worry-free. Above all, a rescue house for the staff and volunteers will also be constructed next to the shelter for easy monitoring and round-the-clock care as needed.

At present, the rescue has raised initial funds for this project but needs additional monetary donations to pursue what they have started. Regardless, it all commences with a single step and everything else will follow eventually.

Source: ALIVERescue

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