A poor dog, that had lost a significant percentage of her body coats was dumped and left alone in a busy roadside to die.

After being abandoned by her owner, the little pooch seemed to have lost all hopes of surviving and is just waiting to take her last breath.  She was seen in a street in Romania and was taken and brought to a ‘kill shelter’.

Luckily, a dog rescuer came just in time to save her from being put to sleep and number 93 is now in the caring hands of the Mayflower Sanctuary in the town of Bawtry, England.  The poor pooch is clearly suffering from mange and to help save her life, a fundraiser was initiated to cover the medical costs so she’d be in perfect shape before she takes her second chance the United Kingdom.

The manager of Mayflower Sanctuary, Jenny Foxall–Lord, said that the moment they saw the pictures, the only option there was is to help save the little darling.  And when they took a closer look, they felt more compassion realizing that she had lost one of her eyes.

While the dog was transferred to a safe home where she receives expert veterinary care, help flooded the center and there have been enough funds to pay for the dog’s treatment although the team still needed about £400 for her complete recovery and to pay for expenses in transporting her to the UK so they continued raising money.

All the center staff has their hearts out for the tiny dog.  Everyone wanted for her to get better her and to start her journey for a new and quality life; she has been named and is now called Alice.

No one knew what actually happened to Alice, but it didn’t matter.  As Mrs. Foxall–Lord said, “A dog is a dog, if it needs help, we will to help”.

Alice made it to UK in January 2018 after a three–day trip and is now in her journey for a quality life that she deserves.

Photo Credits: Mayflower Sanctuary

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