A team from the rescue group “Howl Of A Dog” met a friendly dog named Maya. They found her on one of the hottest days of summer on a roadside parking miles away from any city in Romania. They were lucky enough to reach her just in time before she got dehydrated from the extreme heat.

Many homeless dogs like Maya seek refuge in parking spots because they usually receive food from the people who pull up there. This helps them survive every day, but this isn’t the life these pups should have. They all deserve to have humans and a home of their own where they could be safe and never go hungry again.

The rescuers were actually just driving back home after driving a rescue dog to her new family. They didn’t expect that their trip will turn out to be another dog-saving mission. Nevertheless, they were delighted to find another pooch who needs their help, so they carried Maya into their vehicle and brought her back home.

Under Howl Of A Dog’s care, Maya showed her playful and jolly side as she met other rescue dogs like her. She made new friends and was introduced to toys for the first time in her life. Maya didn’t know what to do with them, but eventually, she learned how to play with them just like a puppy.

Her life was definitely happy with the rescuers, but she is meant to be someplace else. A family from Boston, United States, reached out to the organization to tell them that Maya was more than welcome to join their home. Now Maya is living and is starting a new chapter of her life with them. Watch Maya’s story and find out how to save dogs like her in the video below.

Credits: Howl Of A Dog

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