Dogs and puppies are very close to someone’s heart and you will want everything perfect for them. Of course, you will also want them to be well-behaved and trained at the same time. House training your dog or puppy is job of patience and consistency. A proper training can be quite helpful for your dog or puppy.

It will also help them to follow a consistent routine. So, here are some of the tips for you that you can follow for training your puppy or dog:

Important Tips For Training Puppy

Tip #1: Form A Routine

Just like babies, puppies to need a particular routine that they will follow every day. This schedule will teach them that time to eat, sleep, play and do other businesses. So, you need to take you puppy out frequently at every interval. It can be after they wake up and also after eating and also for playing. Pick a bathroom spot for them outside where they can eliminate their waste. While they are doing so, use a particular word which will remind them of this every time you take them out.

Tip #2: Keep them on Leash Outside

Unless and until your puppy or dog is fully trained, you must keep them on leash whenever you are going outside or letting it play in the yard. You can give the freedom of not being on leash when they are in the house. You need to make sure that your puppy is not going beyond a certain boundary. This training is very much needed as it will make them understand their limits.

Tip #3: Do Not Scream

Mistakes happen and it is quite common. Do not scream or shout on them if they have done anything wrong. This will make them sad and anxious. It can ruin your entire training process. You will also not want to hurt your bundle of joy too. Make sure to reward them whenever they do a good job. This will encourage them to do it more often unless it becomes a part of their habit. Reward whenever they shake hands, eliminate waste outside, sit or stop at your command.


Tip #4: Make him sleep on time

It is important to make sure that he is sleeping on time and doesn’t shout or bark at night. At first, do not leave him alone at night while he is sleeping. It can make them nervous and they can shout whenever they wake up. Assign a specific place for him where he will go and sleep during his time.

So, these are some of the beneficial tips for house training your dogs and puppies. These tips will definitely help you to get the best result. Make sure to have a lot of patience while training them. Just like babies and kids, they also need a lot of affection and care while training. Otherwise, they can really get hurt. Also, give them treats with every successful training session. This will encourage them to perform well always. Be a dedicated trainer to make it successful.

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