Everybody loves to see the cuteness of a pup – the little face, sleepy eyes, and silky body. This admiration can immediately stop though when they start to get rowdy and brawly. House training comes into the picture. Every dog owner and lover should train their dogs while they are still young to ensure they become good companions.

One of the most important things that dogs should be introduced early on to is crate. This should be their homes and sort of a place of comfort, so while you love your dog so much that you would want it with you inside your home, it is essential to crate train him. How to do that? Below is a guide on how an amateur in dog training can make crate work for their dogs.


Step #1. Know why you should train your dog

Some dog owners and especially lovers think that putting a dog inside its crate for a few hours is cruel. Not to dogs though as these furry friends are den animals and being confined in crates is nothing near cruel. Dogs instinctively come to their crates seeking for comfort and rest.

Owners also find crates as a means of security and safety for their dogs when they are left unsupervised like when they go out or go to sleep.


Step #2. Start the training early on

It is always best to train your dog at a tender age because they are still building or mapping their being. Still, older dogs should and can be introduced to crate training as well, but every expert knows that they are a bit of a challenge instead of the younger ones

During crate training though, make sure that your crate is just enough for the dog or else your dog might use the extra space to eliminate or urinate.


Step #3. Build an inviting crate space

You don’t want to isolate your dog or at least make him feel that way so make sure that you place your crate where household gathers. Also, never lock its crate door immediately after it enters for the very first time. Let your dog create that positive crate association so he will have an enjoyable and peaceful time when inside. Throw in a nice and soft blanket as well as dog toys inside for your dog.


Step #4. Always make a cheer for your dog to use the crate

Encourage your dog to love its crate with treats. Place some of these treats outside the crate at first to allow your dog to explore the crate’s exterior. After that, place some more near the door and then further inside the crate as it starts to grow fond of the crate. Continue doing this until the dog finds its crate a place he wants to be in during downtime.


As soon as your dog becomes accustomed to its crate, start closing the door behind him. This will secure him inside while you are away or asleep. Also, think of this as a safety measure when you left him unsupervised for long periods of time.

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