Most dogs hate bath and that creates a lot of complications for dog owners. They avoid bathing for a long time. However, you should bathe your dog at least twice a month. It is important to reduce allergies and to prevent itching and similar skin conditions.

Here are some tips that can help both you and your little friend to enjoy the bathing time.

Before giving the bath, you should keep everything ready to avoid any hassle

Brush Your Dog

Brushing before bath will help shampoo to get inside and also it will remove the mats. Otherwise, they will settle and it will be hard to remove them. Cut mats gently before giving the bath.

Choose the Right Shampoo

You can take the help of your vet to know which shampoo will work best for your pet. You will find different types of shampoo for dogs. You can choose the one depending on the skin condition of your dog. If your pet has some skin issues, you can use a therapeutic shampoo to improve the condition.

Get an Eye Ointment

Tears can irritate your dog and can cause problems while taking bath. You can buy an eye ointment to stop tear. Also, you can use cotton in your dog’s ear to prevent water to enter inside. Yes, do not forget to remove cotton after the bath.

Get Your Supplies

First get the supplies such as the towels and shampoo before bringing your dog.

Get a Non-slip Surface

A non-slip surface can prevent your little friend from slipping while taking bath. You can simply place a towel on the bathtub or sink to make the surface non-slip.

Fill the Sink

It is always suggested to fill the sink or tub with water and then bring your dog. The sound of rushing water might irritate your dog.

Use a Cup for Rinsing

If your dog does not prefer to take bath in a bathtub or use a shower, it is better to use a cup to rinse your dog. Showers are a bit noisy and the addition of extra water might make your dog nervous. You will get better control with cups. Also, it will prevent water from getting inside of eyes.

Be Careful When Washing Face

While bathing your dog, you should take extra care to keep their ears, nose, and eyes protected. Otherwise, your dog will be stressed out making it difficult to finish bathing. You can also use a washcloth to clean your dog’s face.

Use Toys in the Bathtub

You can make the bath time more fun and less stressful by using toys in the bathtubs. You will find a wide range of toys to use in the bathtub. Make sure that your dog is comfortable with the toys.

If your dog does not like bath time, you can simply go for an exercise just before bath. Exercise can prepare your dog for a bath and can even make bathing more fun and enjoyable. You can consider any type of exercises both physical and mental.

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