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In the 1990s, the film “Lassie” became quite a popular movie. This movie was about an amazing dog who went on great adventures and many would agree that the scene where Lassie requests for assistance is one of the film’s most memorable scenes. This is likely because the concept of a dog nonverbally requesting assistance is so intriguing and amazing at the same time.

Hearing dog stories from around the world via the internet and social media has allowed us to realize that these stories are proof that dogs requesting strangers for assistance is not limited to the movies. In fact, recently, a clever dog from Bethel, Connecticut, imitated Lassie’s signature move.

This intelligent dog is Bubba. One day, he and his canine sibling named Moose fled their house and wound up in a marsh. With all of their frolicking and running, Moose became trapped between some thorny bushes and a bog with a quicksand-like bottom.

Bubba, recognizing that his sibling needed help, channeled his inner Lassie and located some strangers who were nearby. The dog found two men named Brian Sharp and Pete Kokias as they were leaving.

Brian said that Bubba was basically jumping up and down in an attempt to get their attention. Additionally, the dog continued racing back and forth, which all dog lovers know means that the dog is telling you to follow them.

When the two men soon saw Moose because of Bubba’s signals, they realized they had a difficult task ahead of them. Brian and Pete quickly rented a boat in order to reach the dog.

Later, Moose’s family learned where their dogs were, and what had happened, and rushed to the location.

James Rallo, one of Moose’s humans, decided to assist in the rescue attempt, and because Moose recognized him, he was able to simply pick up the dog and bring him onto the boat. Michele Novella, the mother of James, could not quite comprehend just how fortunate they were that day, and that she was grateful to Brian and Pete.

But it was Bubba that was the real hero since they would not have found Moose without his heroics.

Source: Eyewitness News ABC7NY

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