Whenever dogs perform new tasks, they try their best to be careful. Even if they end up slowing down their pace or staying in an area longer than usual, canines don’t mind so long as they’re safe.

Thus, a Mantle Great Dane eagerly watches its 15-year-old Chihuahua-Yorkie friend floating in the pool. With the way it looks, the Great Dane’s curious about how its new pal fares with its water-walking activity.

Oh, let us see what you can do, Quila.

In this endearing video, a fur dad lowers his 15-year-old Chihuahua-Yorkie named Quila into a pool. Yet, Dad and Quila aren’t alone in the area as Maddie, an 8-month-old Mantle Great Dane walks alongside them.

Soon enough, Quila stands atop a pool floater and begins walking on it. Ever the supportive friend, Maddie stays by the poolside to check how her new friend’s faring.

Yet, the Mantle Great Dane can no longer hold its curiosity as she dips into the pool and sniffs the floater. It even comes to a point where Maddie checks on Quila to see how she’s finding the activity.

Umm, I want to get out of the pool now.

Yet, an intriguing sight piques Maddie’s attention, prompting her to walk away from Quila on the floater. But, it looks like Quila’s done for the day now as she soon walks towards the floater’s edge.

Noticing this, Maddie rushes back to Quila’s side and checks on her again. But, as Maddie sniffs on Quila, she accidentally pushes the floater further into the pool.

With this, Mom, who’s filming the entire scene, tells the Mantle Great Dane not to push her adrift. Thus, Maddie tries to go around the floater to help Quila move back to the poolside’s safety.

Yet, as another intriguing sight catches Maddie’s attention, she leaves Quila again on the pool floater. Hence, the Chihuahua-Yorkie tries to find a way to exit the pool.

But, as Quila’s got short legs, she’s hesitating to make the jump towards the poolside. Do you think Quila’s fur mom eventually helps her out of the pool? Don’t dare miss Maddie and Quila in live-action by clicking “Play” below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube

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