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Poh, a dog famous for his big adventure, warmed hearts across the nation as he took an epic road trip across America to enjoy his last moments.

“Our main goal was to get his paws wet in the Pacific Ocean,” owner Thomas Neil Rodriguez said. “I have always wanted him to swim.”

The 15-year-old mixed-breed dog was adopted by Rodriguez from the North Shore Animal League on Long Island back in December 1999 when he was just an eight-week-old puppy.

Veterinarians have concluded that Poh will not live much longer after developing some kidney failures from multiple tumors in his abdomen.

Rodriguez, his now-wife, Goumada, and Poh visited 35 cities covering around 12,000 miles in 7 weeks.

The duo started their road trip from New York, where Rodriguez lives. They visited dozens of famous landmarks across Texas, Oregon, Arizona, and more.

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Having the tools to help your dog do something they would otherwise be unable to do… You would think that would be viewed as a good thing. You'ld be suprised at how many people don't understand. This Is a video of #pohthedog a little after we started using @bugthedoberman @eddieswheels quad-cart. I never posted this up because I knew people would say negative comments… 'just let him die already, you' re torturing him! ' etc etc etc. I've heard it all. Instead of seeing a dog who is given the opportunity to walk on his own, they see a dog who should die. That is the current accepted mentality when seeing or dealing with a #seniorpetsofig. I will admit, even myself thought that if #pohthedog needed a wheelchair, that maybe it was his time to go. After my experience with him in the quadcart I couldn't have been more wrong. Please look at the VIDEO . DON'T JUST SEE AN OLD DOG. LOOK. I am not pulling poh, I am not forcing him to do anything. This is all HIM wanting to walk and move. On his own. All the wheelchair is doing, is giving HIM the opportunity to manifest this want. Now it stands to reason, that if a dog can't walk, and if we give him or her the opportunity to walk, then that is a GREAT THING. It also makes sense, that even though they are old and have mobility issues, that they want to be able to move… And they want to be able TO LIVE. When speaking to @eddieswheels owners, they told me about the awful looks they get, the terrible comments they've gotten throughout their whole time while trying to help animals live to their full potential. The only way this is going to change is if public perception changes, and that starts with you guys. I hope everyday that one of #pohthedogsbigadventure legacies will be that his life changes peoples perceptions about senior dog care. #rippohthedog

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“We went to see the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco,” Rodriguez said. “We stopped by The Goonies’ house in Oregon, and ate crabcakes in Baltimore,” added Rodriguez.

“When he gets tired from walking, I would push him in a green wagon.”

Rodriguez documented the journey on an Instagram account, earning followers of more than 100,000 that eventually became a community for dog owners and lovers.

The terminally-ill dog held on for nearly a year. In that year, Poh has traveled back and forth, swam in the Pacific, witnessed beautiful sunsets, and even saw his owners get married.

“I am super blessed that I have actually gotten to do this,” Rodriguez said. “To have all these memories that I’ve been able to share with the world, I think I will be alright.”

After traveling all across the country and living a truly filled life, Poh passed away on the day of their final trip in Toronto, on February 12, 2016.

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