John has  ALS, and he has lived with dogs all his life. He knew that dogs are therapeutic and extremely helpful, base on his experience.

Even though he moves around in a wheelchair, he did not consider it as a hinder to shelter dogs. He met his dog, named Pawpaw, in 2017 at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. The dog was eleven years old by then, a senior just like John. And when John saw him, he immediately knew that Pawpaw is the dog that belongs to him.

Pawpaw is John’s thirteenth dog. And ever since they had been together, their moments have been nothing but full of love. His condition, ALS – a degenerative neurological disease, has made him more appreciative. He treasured every bit with Pawpaw.

And also because of his illness, it caused him to think forward. He knew that his condition is advancing and his health is already declining, so he set up a request for Pawpaw’s next home.

John thought that he couldn’t just leave a family behind alone. He treated Pawpaw as his own. And so his last wish is for Pawpaw to have a new family. Such a bittersweet time.

Pawpaw saved John from getting lonely, and they made each other happy. John had accepted his fate, and he wants Pawpaw to continue receiving the love he deserves.

I hope this story inspires you to cherish every waking moment you spend with your dog; their little lives make our world bigger somehow. They bring healing and joy; I hope we never take advantage of the love they give us.

You can see John’s sincere request in the clip below; he explained Pawpaw’s significance in his life. Observe how grateful and at peace John is, his only wish is for someone to take care of his old pal.

Video Credit: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue‘s YouTube Channel

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