Belky is a 15-year-old Australian Shepherd that was found abandoned at the side of a highway in Michigan. The senior pooch was barely moving and was covered in maggots.

Aside from having multiple health conditions, she was also very overweight. Her owners probably couldn’t care for her anymore and merely dumped her there.

One kindhearted man called the Saginaw Police Department for help. Someone soon got her and brought Belky to the Saginaw County Animal Care and Control. There she was cleaned up, given medication, and placed on a healthy diet.

The transformation

Despite her age and medical problems, the staff of the Humane Society of Midland County felt that she should be given a shot at being happy again. When they saw her on a Facebook post by the Saginaw County Animal Care, they decided to take her in and get her ready for adoption. They could see that Belky desperately wanted to be loved.

For several weeks, the shelter staff helped her lose weight. They wanted to make her healthy so that people would want to adopt her. They regularly took her on walks and spent many hours grooming her.

Forever loved

When the shelter held a special adoption event, Belky was one of the dogs that were featured. She was ready by then to find her special family. A woman named Breanna Dalton saw the adorable senior dog on social media on a post announcing the event. She felt a connection with the dog, so she went to see her personally.

When the two finally met, Breanna confirmed her initial feelings. The kind lady fell for the dog right away. She adopted Belky that very same day.

According to Breanna, the formerly unwanted dog settled into her new home instantly. They developed a routine right away. They would regularly go on walks, and Belky would spend hours cuddling with her favorite toy. She is very happy and content with her new life.

Source: Humane Society of Midland County via Facebook

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