Leslie Sacks was a generous woman who loved to share her house with homeless animals; therefore; she adopted different pets who all lived in her house. She had five dogs, three goats, four squirrels, and cats. She even adopted two senior dogs from Asheville Humane Society.

Sam was a loving senior dog. She needed medications and special diet also due to her condition; however, Leslie still adopted her. Brutus was a 13-year-old dog rejected by his owners when he got old; in fact, his owners wanted him to undergo euthanasia. Unfortunately, he had severe separation anxiety that caused his foster families not to adopt him.

Leslie decided to adopt Sam and Brutus and gave them a chance to experience comfortable lives during their remaining years. The shelter recorded a video of the touching moment when she adopted them. In the video, they were both excited while waiting inside her car; they knew that they would meet their forever family.

Leslie’s compassion for senior dogs inspired all of the staff members of the shelter. It was difficult to find a new family for senior dogs because they often have health issues. Although Leslie helped many senior dogs before, she said that her children did not want to have more dogs. However, Leslie insisted that these dogs needed to experience a comfortable life.

Leslie adopted almost 40 to 50 senior dogs already since she started to help animals in need. She promised Sam and Brutus that they would have their forever family until the end. She lost seven senior animals when she decided to adopt them; however, they bonded well from the beginning. Leslie knew that most people wanted adorable and young puppies, so she encouraged all animal lovers to adopt senior dogs. Watch the video below:

Every Shelter Pet's Dream!

Today is the kind of day that every person who works in an animal shelter dreams about!!! 💜 Leslie walked through our front doors and said, "Which two dogs have been here the longest, with the most special needs? I'm here to take them both home with me." 😲 We couldn't believe it! We introduced Leslie to Sam (who had extensive medical issues, was with us for 6 months, adopted then returned) and Brutus (who has severe separation anxiety, was with us for 5 months, and was originally surrendered to be euthanized at 13 years old). We vowed to find these two amazing dogs their second chance, no matter how long it took, and TODAY was their special day TOGETHER! Leslie has a three story house and two acres of fenced-in yard where Sam and Brutus will spend their golden years.As she walked them to the car, Leslie talked softly to these two sweet souls, with their creaky joints and grey muzzles, who have been through so much hardship. She told both Sam and Brutus that they now had a family to love them for the rest of their days. And Leslie assured Brutus especially, who panics when left behind, that he would never spend another moment alone ever again 😍😭 (Leslie, you have a heart of gold!!!) There wasn't a dry eye in sight as staff, board members and volunteers gathered to say a bittersweet goodbye to two of our favorite furry friends!Our Shelter and Adoption Center are so critically full right now that we are **waiving adoption fees for all dogs and cats over 6 months old through July 31.** Sam and Brutus didn't have an adoption fee today… this is what PRICELESS love looks like! If their story has touched your heart, PLEASE consider adopting or spreading the word to help the homeless animals who desperately need our support!This compassionate community and all of YOU make happy endings like this possible. Sam and Brutus say thank you for their second chance. 💜

Posted by Asheville Humane Society on Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Credits to Asheville Humane Society

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