When you think of pit bulls, you think of muscular and fierce beings. Originally bred to be aggressive to become fighting dogs, they are usually the last breed anyone would expect to be gentle.

This loving male pittie helped change that perspective with his gentleness in this clip. He was resting beside his fur sister when she began to whine because of a dream.

Gentle sib

He comforted her by placing one of his large paws on top of her head. We’re not sure what this dog’s sister was dreaming about, but it must have been an intense one.

Fortunately, her protective and loving brother’s there to calm her down.

This pit bull might not be as big as most of his breed, but he’s got a heart of gold. Now that’s something worth smiling about.

This big brother’s gentle ways effectively soothed his dreaming sister.

Caring bro

As though that wasn’t enough, he proceeded to touch his snout to his sleeping sibling, completing the heartwarming picture of love.

It’s always a great feeling to see living beings support each other no matter what.

Loving pet

Whatever unsettled this dog’s sister in her sleep, she was able to calm down because of her brother’s help.

This loving big bro has a big heart, and he let his sister know he’ll always be there for her. This doggo makes us want to have a pet like him to call our own.

Pittie love

This video was captured by the dogs’ owner, who had been filming them while this all went down. We’re so glad that these two can share a bond like theirs. It’s such an inspiration!

Watching this clip has warmed many hearts, so we hope you felt it too. Here’s to gentle and courageous pitties taking the world by storm with their versatile personalities!

Credits to ViralSnare Rights Management via YouTube

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