Shelters dogs that have been adopted by their new families may have a hard time adjusting to their new homes. After all, a new environment can cause anxiety. Nevertheless, some pooches manage to set aside their nervousness, so they can explore their new world.

Unfortunately, a pit bull mix named Valentine wasn’t the kind of dog that can shake the anxiety off easily. When she set foot inside her new family’s home, she didn’t know what to do. But in the end, she realized that she was in a place where she was wanted and loved.

Meeting Valentine for the first time

Valentine used to be stuck in a hoarding situation where she was forced to give birth to puppies. As such, she had no idea what safety and comfort felt like.

Ashley Moses, Valentine’s mom, said that the dog was very timid when she and her fiancé met her. Valentine wasn’t opening up to the couple, and they couldn’t gauge the dog’s personality during their meet-and-greet with her.

When Valentine was taken home, that was the moment Ashley’s heart got broken. Ashley had hoped that Valentine would recognize right away that she was safe at her new home. However, the dog just stood unmoved at the doorway of the house.

Ashley confessed that it took some convincing before they got the dog to come inside the house. Evidently, Valentine was confused and scared.

Valentine loves her new home now!

The next morning, Ashley expected that Valentine was still closed off. However, the unexpected happened. Valentine suddenly greeted Ashley with happy licks. It was as if someone actually flicked the switch to completely change the dog’s personality overnight.

At that moment, Valentine knew that she was home.

Ashley said that Valentine was 100% a different pooch. She started playing and jumping – she was generally excited! For Ashley, it was a crazy moment since she didn’t expect that Valentine would open up so quickly.


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Video Source: @valentinethepitmatian via TikTok

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