One day a team of rescuers from the group “Howl Of A Dog” came across a little pupper on the side of the road while they were driving. He was disoriented and just walked around, lost, and not sure where to go. He was so near the road that he would get startled and look back each time a vehicle rushed by him.

The rescuers were afraid to get closer to him because he might get scared of them and suddenly run in the direction of the passing cars. So, they stayed just a few feet away from him and patiently waited until he was comfortable with their presence. After an hour, the pup decided to trust them and slowly made his way towards them.

After petting the pooch for a while, they carried him and brought him to their vehicle. As they were driving, the rescuers noticed that he had fleas and ticks all over his body. So they hurried to the vet to get medications for these parasites and have him checked if he had any other problems.

Aside from the parasites, he was also diagnosed with demodectic mange, so he was prescribed medications and had to take special baths. The doctors also examined the pup to determine if he had any internal problems and fortunately found that he didn’t. After the check-up, the rescuers then brought the doggo back home with them to start with his treatment.

Fram, the pup’s new name, recovered fast, and his skin was parasite-free in no time. As he was recovering, Howl Of A Dog found a family in England who wanted to adopt Fram into their home, so they made the organization made contact with them. After making the necessary arrangements, Fram was sent to his new home and is now living his new life with his hoomans. Watch how Fram got rescued from the dangers of the road in the video below.

Credits: Howl Of A Dog

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