Local animal rescue group founder Eldad Hagar responded to a call about a homeless dog found in front of a home. The concerned resident mentioned to Hope For Paws, Eldad’s group, that the animal appeared extremely frightened. It refused to move and stayed rooted in one place for hours already.

The rescuer wasted no time and drove to the dog’s location. He immediately saw the animal hunched on the stoop when he arrived. The homeowner also welcomed him and told him that they tried to feed the dog, but it just ignored the food they provided.

Eldad feared that the animal had injuries that prevented it from moving, so he worked quickly to secure it. Noting that it may slip through the fence, he tried looping the dog in with a gentle snare. The animal finally moved from its spot to avoid the snare, retreating further into the porch.

Luckily, this meant that the dog had fewer escape routes, which made the rescue easier to complete. Eldad slowly approached the animal with a gentle snare, not wanting to stress it more. He carefully came closer to the dog, hoping that it will feel more comfortable with his presence.

After a couple of attempts, Eldad successfully looped the gentle snare onto the animal. The rescuer noticed that it still shivered nervously, so he took time to assure it that everything is now ok. Little by little, the dog relaxed and eventually snuggled trustingly in the rescuer’s arms.

Eldad secured the female dog with a Lucky Leash and named her McKenzie. He thanked the homeowner who called about McKenzie and proceeded to go back to his vehicle. With the rescue complete, Eldad drove McKenzie to the local animal hospital for a thorough checkup.

Fortunately, the doctors found no injuries after examining McKenzie. They told Eldad that the dog only needed time to come out of its shell. After giving the animal a much-needed bath, Eldad assured McKenzie that her life is about to get much better moving forward.

McKenzie moved shortly after as a foster with Foxy and the Hounds. There, she thrived and transformed into a happy, playful dog. Completely the opposite of the frightened, motionless dog from before, McKenzie now lives with her new fur parents after luckily finding her forever home.

Credits: Hope For Paws

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