One woman reached out to a rescue organization one day. She had a challenging situation where her German Shepherd gave birth. Unfortunately, she was unable to take care of the entire lot, and she wanted the rescuers to help her out.

The rescuers from the organization happily agreed. Since the dogs were only a few weeks old, they were not ready for adoption yet. Still, they posted the pictures of the dogs online. They wanted to see if someone was interested in adopting them when they are.

One of the individuals who saw the post was the daughter of a known politician. The politician was Joe Biden. His daughter told him about one of the dogs named Major. When Joe saw Major’s pictures, he expressed his interest in adopting him.

Major still needed to spend a little more time in foster care until he was ready for adoption. When he was ready, Joe personally picked him up from the shelter. Everyone was very happy for Major because he just might be the first shelter dog to live in The White House.

Thankfully, he won’t be the only one there. Another German Shepherd has lived in The White House for over 80 years. This dog’s name is Champ.

Since Champ has been in The White House for a couple of years, he is very familiar with the place. He knows the ins and outs, and he will be able to show his new brother around.

People from the rescue organization were very happy to know that Major has a stable and happy place to live in. Everyone was very excited for him!

They are very excited about his new journey. They are delighted to know that they have contributed to changing his life. The rescuers are looking forward to getting updates about Major in his new home.

Source The Dodo via YouTube

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