It is everybody’s dream to have a big house with plenty of rooms, luxurious amenities, and impressive architecture. In most cases, building someone’s dream house will cost a fortune. But, of course, for filthy rich people, the funds will never be an issue.

Generally, people consider a lot of factors when it comes to planning the architectural design of a house. Some of the factors considered are the number of people who will live in it, if there are kids who will stay, or if there are pets who would stay with the house owner. The design and the size of the house may depend on the factors mentioned above.

One woman who was very fond of her pet dog had a brilliant idea to provide shelter to her pet. When she retired, she made use of her retirement pay for an excellent investment such as a house. The woman does not have a family of her own, so she considers her pet as her kid. Hence, she wanted to make sure her pet dog will have a comfortable shelter.

The woman was very creative, and she made sure that each part of her house is maximized to the fullest. She decided to use the space below the stairs and convert as her dog’s room. She made sure that the room will not be an ordinary space for her dog, but she made it as an elegant dog sanctuary instead.

She put extra effort into beautifying the room. She put hanging artworks at the wall, she also had small yet artistic drawers inside the room, and the highlight is the elegant and classy bed custom-made for her dog. She did invest a lot of money in organizing the cozy room for her dog, and everyone was impressed with the result.

See the video below:

Video source: The Dodo via YouTube

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