Bobb was found on the streets of Los Angeles ungroomed. He has been living a torturous life for the past ten years, and his fur uncut for God knows how long. Any dog does not deserve what this canine has gone through.

Since he really needed a haircut, the vet shaved off his fur. But when they did, his rear left leg came off! Imagine the vet’s surprise!

Due to the dog’s very tight matted fur, it has self-amputated. Yes, the level of his condition is very unimaginable. It is a miracle that this dog is still breathing and alive.

That’s how badly the haircut was needed. And imagine the pain this dog has gone through for so long. As if that was bad enough, this pup even had most of his teeth pulled because a significant portion of them was already rotting.

This dog is in such bad condition that his medical treatments are of great urgency. After all that this dog has been through, he was taken into the arms of Synergy. He was also getting his regular check-ups.

This pup gave back by visiting children with special needs and created smiles on their faces. In May, Bobb had a severe condition where the abscess was found on his body. Bobb and his story have inspired people that hey met.

It was not recommended for Bobb to get prosthetics as it would cause him too much pain. He continues to get physical treatment and is getting stronger. Even with his condition, he manages to live his life pretty well.

He may be two legs short, but there’s little that he is unable to do. Bobb is a survivor, a fighter, a miracle. And everyone will continue to look at him that way.

Source Little Paws via YouTube

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