Weaning your pup should be as accurate as any other processes involving your canine companion. Here’s what you need to know.


So you have come this way. Your new canine friend is almost ready to transition from dog’s milk to real, solid food. This is where weaning comes in. Remember that vets as well as breeders don’t always share the same views on the appropriate time where you ought to wean your pet.

While some agree that a pup that’s three weeks old is ready for it, others argue that it is best to wait until the fifth week mark. A thing of note is how weaning is dependent on your pup’s breed and size. For instance, smaller dogs can safely subscribe to the five-week rule.


Puppies’ digestive tract tends to be delicate. It can easily be upset due to an abrupt change of diet. Diarrhea is just one of the health concerns that could arise. With this in mind, gradual weaning is important.

To stay on the safe side, it is best to consult with your vet regarding this process. Ask them what soft food they could recommend for your delicate pet. Of course, food options specifically made for dogs are your best bet.

Compared to table food, dog food is packed with all the essential and specific nutrients your puppy needs. You can also choose between all natural and regular dog food brands.


The good thing is there is a wide array of weaning products available online. When you are doing your shopping, make sure to look for brands equipped with your pet’s complete nutritional requirements. In terms of texture, favor brands most akin to easy-to-eat, soft cereals.

Balanced nutrition should be on top of your priorities. This, alongside palatability, digestibility, and optimum growth capacity.

Another option you may consider is this strategy, which happens to be favored by dog breeders. From mom’s milk, replace your pup’s food with warm milk formula. Gradually add pabulum to this formula. Over the succeeding days, add soft food for dogs.

After a while, you can finally eliminate the formula and the pabulum from the equation. These are replaced by solid but soft food mixed with warm water. The key is to keep the consistency gravy-like for easy chewing and digestion.

The final step in the process is mixing the aforementioned gravy-like concoction to dry dog food. Feed your pup at least thrice a day. Make sure to pick a quality food brand from your favorite pet shop.

Keeping a steady supply of fresh water is crucial during the weaning process. This will keep your pet hydrated while transitioning to dry food. Your objective here is to totally let your pet acclimate to eating nothing else dry food.

Dry food will not compromise the health of your pup’s teeth.

If you need more information than what is covered here, you may want to visit dog forums online. Doing this will introduce you to actual experiences of dog owners from around the world. These dog parents have a lot of worthy insights to share.



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